Football Coaching Web Sites

Links to other resources available on the internet. If you have a link you would like to add, please e-mail us.

Football Websites

Coach Huey, the best football coaching forum on the internet, hands down.

Jerry Campbell Football, from Jerry Campbell. Coach Campbell's site includes his own books and DVDs, which are excellent, and a football forum.

Fast and Furious Football is a great source for free football playbooks. features information about a truly great offense, the Wing-T.

Split Back Veer Association is pretty self-explanatory. What's better than option football?

Strength & Conditioning Websites

USA Weightlifting has a certifcation program for strength coaches. If you're a strength coach, see if they are offering a class near you. It was the most productive weekend I have spent.

Strength Coach Podcast offers podcasts from strength coaches around the country. The site is a little cumbersome, but promising.

Defranco's Training Systems is Joe DeFranco's site. The Articles section has a ton of great stuff.

Football Coaching Job Search

Football Scoop is the best place to look for information on the ever-changing job scene in NCAA and NFL Football. Includes more job postings for college and even high school positions than any other place.