Defensive Football Clinic Notes

**NEW** Developing Consistent Linebacker Play; notes on a talk from the 2011 Cleveland Glazier Clinic by William Inge. Coach Inge is the Defensive Coordinator for the University at Buffalo.

Defending the Run & Play Action Pass:  Notes on Jerry Sandusky's video.  Coach Sandusky, the long-time coordinator at Penn State under Joe Paterno, talks about fronts and stunts.  Lots of different defensive ideas are discussed here.  (Coach Butler)

Bear, Under and Over Fronts and Stunts from Jets Consultant Denny Marcin. Coach Marcin presents his philosophy on running a High School defense - what would he use if he were coaching there today. He describes the Under and Bear fronts in great detail. From Harrisburg Glazier Clinic 2009.

Defensive Line Pass Rush Skills and Drills. Denny Marcin, Consultant for the New York Jets, gives a lot of detail on pass rush, defensive line drills, and more. Good stuff from the 2009 Harrisburg Glazier Clinic.

DB Drills from Kirby Smart, DB Coach at the University of Alabama. Coach Smart explains how he and Head Coach Nick Saban run their DB Drills. Lots of Cover 2 and Man Coverage drills here, along with some Cover 3. These are clinic notes from the 2009 Atlanta Glazier Clinic.

Defending the Spread Running Game from Jay Bateman of Elon University, from the 2009 Charlotte Glazier Clinic. How Elon evaluates a spread offense and takes away the running game. (Created by Hez Butler)

Tackling and Ball Disruption presented by Vernon Hargreaves, Defensive Ends Coach at East Carolina. Coach Hargreaves, previously with the Miami Hurricanes from 1998-2006, talks about tackling, attitude, open field tackles and more. From the Charlotte 2009 Glazier Clinic. (Created by Joe Daniel)

3-5 Defense presented by Tom Cousins from West Ashley HS, South Carolina. Coach Cousins presents a simple, complete package including coverages and 168 stunts that can be used through combinations. Great presentation on the 3-5 Defense, from the Glazier Clinic Webinars on February 10, 2009. You can also get Coaching the 3-5-3 Defense by Thomas Cousins here. (Created by Joe Daniel)

Fronts, Stunts and Linebacker Tips in Michigan Slant 3-4 from Jim Herrmann of the New York Giants (previously with NY Jets). Herrmann talks about firezone concepts in the 3-4 Defense, along with some Cover 2 and Man blitzes. Enjoy! (Created by Joe Daniel)

4-3 Defense from Michael Schroeder on January 28, 2009. Coach Schroeder is the Linebacker Coach at Mt. San Jocinto College after 12 years as a high school head coach. He describes some basics of their 4-3 package along with a few line stunts, Zone Blitzes, and Fire Zones. Some good ideas that you may be able to add to your defense!

42-G Defense Webinar by Pat Fox. These are notes taken during the Glazier Clinic-offered Webinar from January 21, 2009. Great stuff, Coach Fox is very knowledgable and one of the more enthusiastic presenters I have seen.